International think tanks join forces to develop proposals for the G20, which will be presided over by Brazil in 2024

Ipea, Funag, and Cebri held an introductory meeting with international think tanks to present T20 Brazil planned activities.

The Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea), in collaboration with the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (Funag) and the Brazilian Center for International Relations (Cebri), held an introductory virtual meeting on Thursday, October 26th, marking the beginning of collaborative efforts with international Think Tanks for the T20 Brazil. This meeting was the first step towards forming the International Advisory Council of the T20 Brazil, which will assist the T20 Brazil organizing committee in engaging with international think tanks to develop recommendations for the upcoming G20 summit, which will be chaired and hosted by Brazil in 2024.

The virtual meeting, broadcasted in English via the Webex platform and Ipea’s YouTube channel. The streaming brought together speakers such as Luciana Mendes Santos Servo, President of Ipea, Ambassador Marcia Loureiro, President of the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation, Luciana Muniz, Director of Projects at Cebri, and Fabio Veras Soares, Director of International Studies at Ipea.

T20 Brazil is an engagement group of the G20 and emerges as a unique collaboration platform, bringing together national (from the rotating presidency of the G20) and international think tanks and research centers  with the aim of proposing innovative and sustainable solutions to global challenges that affect the international community. The meeting’s outcomes include a request for think tanks to express their interest in representing their country on the international advisory committee, to suggest sub-topics that will be discussed in the six task forces of T20 Brazil, and to express their interest in coordinating work around a specific sub-topic.

The President of Ipea, Luciana Mendes Santos Servo, highlighted the importance of partnership in policy formulation and the promotion of global solutions. She noted “think tanks from the global South have a unique opportunity to assist in policy formulation and the promotion of solutions for the planet. Contributions are important for addressing complex challenges that transcend national borders”.

The President of FUNAG, Ambassador Márcia Loureiro, presented the innovative functioning of T20 Brazil, which will have two advisory committees, one national and one international. “We want to ensure the participation of new voices in the composition of this group so that the proposals are innovative,” explained the Ambassador.

Fabio Veras Soares, Director of International Studies at Ipea, emphasized the focus of T20 Brazil on influencing the G20 summit to be held in Brazil in 2024. He reinforced that think tanks, research institutions, or representatives of other G20 engagement groups interested in participating in the International Council of T20 Brazil should submit proposals to the email: [email protected]. A letter has been sent to think tanks specifying the deadline of November 6, 2023, for expressing interest.

Luciana Muniz, Director of Projects at CEBRI, mentioned that the T20 Brazil website will be launched at the end of November, and a space dedicated to forming a community of think tanks will be established to facilitate inter-country and inter-institution partnerships in producing policy briefs and jointly developing proposals for the G20.

The discussions of T20 Brazil cover six task forces aligned with the priorities of the Brazilian G20 presidency. Among these task forces, there is a focus on “combating inequality, hunger, and poverty” and “sustainable climate action and just and inclusive energy transitions.” Themes such as “reforming the international financial structure,” “trade and investment for sustainable and inclusive growth,” digital transformation, and strengthening multilateralism and global governance were addressed during the meeting.

The project will expand the impact of the recommendations and policy options proposed by T20 Brazil. The organizing committee will promote constructive dialogue with the official representatives of governments involved in the Sherpa and Finance tracks working groups. Some of the participants’ suggestions for subtopics included issues such as financing for climate change and nature-based solutions, climate change, and health.

T20 Brazil is consolidating itself as a unique collaboration platform, uniting efforts to address global challenges and positively influence the G20 agenda. The 2024 summit promises to be a milestone in international discussions, with Brazil playing a leadership role in seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s problems. T20 Brazil presents itself as a space for dialogue and cooperation that aims to shape a more promising global future.

2024-06-14 12:05 by IPC-ID

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