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Incorporated into the IPCid since January 2023, the Monitoring and Evaluation of Inclusive Development services has a roster of high-level professionals from IPEA or associated with this institution, covering various areas of the development agenda. Professionals are qualified to design monitoring and evaluation strategies, including carrying out ex-ante or ex-post evaluations of development projects and policies in Brazil and abroad, using quantitative, qualitative or mixed approaches. One of the differentials of the MEID service is the possibility of applying participatory techniques throughout the evaluation process, with great emphasis on facilitation, moderation and design techniques to build unique experiences with the group of people interested in the projects or policies. In addition, the use of design tools also allows the incorporation of visual elements and gamification strategies, fundamental for evaluations carried out in the online modality.

One of MEID’s predecessors was a partnership between the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA) and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), launched in November 2020. It was an ex-post evaluation and impact modeling of Brazilian South-South Cooperation for Development (CSSD) projects. The partnership with ABC resulted in the first model for assessing the effects of CSSD projects, launched in 2022, as well as the elaboration of a Guide for Evaluating South-South Cooperation Projects, which will be launched in 2023. The methodology is currently applied in two ex-post evaluations of Brazilian international cooperation projects, one in the area of affordable housing and the other in the area of tuberculosis.



Rafael T. Schleicher

Team: Marília Miranda, Simone Franco

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